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The Barn on Hubbard was originally built by the Gabel family who came from Germany in the mid 1800s. Hubbard Road was part of the Old Beechwood Turnpike which was part of the Falls Mills settlement. There are only traces of Falls Mills that it actually existed. The turnpike went farther up near Tower Road in the Beechwoods. The Gabel family was part of this original settlement. This division of land was No. 61 of the Hardenburgh Patent and contained about 3,300 acres. Most settlers were farmers but also had more than one trade.

The Gabel family farmed and also had a shoe makers shop in the barn. The silo was built in the late 1800s and by the 1960s, the last addition built was the milking parlor and pipeline as well as the stable cleaner. At that time they were milking 90 plus cows. The Gabel’s also raised turkeys, roasters, guinea pigs and also had a grainery. By 1977, they no longer had cows.