Unique gifts made from Red Deer antlers… jewelry, knife handles, walking sticks, and belt buckles.

Glenn Halloran and his son, Matt owns and manages Halloran Farm in Callicoon Center, unique because in addition to beef cattle they raise European Red Deer. To Glenn, living in a rural area is a wonderful privilege but making a living here can be a challenge. Deciding to focus on something different than standard farm livestock, Glenn realized that white tail deer thrive in our area so twenty years ago he purchased his first European Red Deer. Though a few fawns are lost each year to coyote predation, Halloran’s deer flourish. Stags range from 200 to 600 pounds and at six years old they can sport a massive rack of 42 point antlers. You may not be a fan of the “gamey” taste that our wild deer get from eating berries, twigs and weedy brush but Glenn’s special blend of grain and feed gives Halloran Farm’s venison a delicious flavor. About eighty deer are harvested each year and the meat is sold exclusively to Blue Hill farm and served at Blue Hill Restaurant in Greenwich Village. Nothing goes to waste. Even the antlers that are shed naturally each spring are collected and used to make jewelry, knife handles, walking sticks and belt buckles. You can even purchase them to make your own craft. Wonderful flavor and healthy dining makes Halloran’s venison a popular choice. Today over 280 deer roam freely on 80 acres of Halloran Farm.

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